Beauty Parlor

I'm a straight male who has been enjoying the wonderful weekly beauty parlor life for fourteen years now. I am fully welcomed at what is now my second salon, but I remember the one and only time I ever went outside for a walk while still set in my old C-clamp curlers. I went out just to let my set air dry in the night and to get the "dressing in drag" out of my system. I felt really nice in that great black dress with my silver one inch hoop earrings that I still wear to this day. The dress is now gone, but the wonderful weekly visits to the beauty parlor are still there and I never have to worry about having to try to sleep in my curlers ever again. I'm really "at home" in a beauty parlor; I can't even imagine having to set my own hair anymore. I have great respect for what women go through to get the hairdos that they want, and I get many compliments from them!

— Terrence, 50

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