I Love My Job

We are both married with kids. Marie is beautiful with the nicest breasts you will ever see. I've been caught many times looking at her cleavage. A small office brings the two of us closer with personal conversations. Our boss has a girlfriend who his wife knows about. Somehow, we learned that he had stashed his girlfriend's panties in the office. While he was away, we decided to search for them. After two days, we found a lacy thong with a fresh aroma. Being the panty sniffer I am, I couldn't resist. What the hell, I thought; I asked Marie to sniff them and she did. Her words were, "Mine smell better." A little while later, I needed to use the bathroom after she came out. On the floor were her panties, and yes, they did smell better. She walked in on me while I was pleasuring myself and told me to put them on and give her oral. I promised not to tell anyone. She limits our encounters to just oral. She promised me that I can wear her stockings and bra soon. I love this job!

— Marco, 45

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