Impressing the Boss

My wife is great at oral sex. We recently invited my boss for dinner; I was hoping for promotion and thought I would impress him. My wife was dressed very sexily and I saw him watching her. His wife died a couple of years ago and he lives on his own. After dinner and a few drinks, I got a call from work so I left the room to take it. After about ten minutes, I returned to find my wife giving my boss oral sex. I stood and watched until they were finished. When they had cleaned up, she came out and saw me. She was embarrassed and apologized, but said she had gotten me the promotion. She was right, and it came with a big increase in salary. We had great sex that night. He comes around every month for dinner and after. Perhaps one day, I'll let her have full sex with him. I wonder how big a salary increase I'd get for that?

— Bill, 40

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