Like A Woman Possessed

When I was nineteen, my stepsister and I were at a party one night. My girlfriend was there and was being cranky all night. So, I decided to go downstairs and get away from her for a while. My stepsister saw that I was kind of pissed. She came over to me and asked what was up, and I told her. She went and got me a drink, and we did several shots together. We were pretty buzzed and decided to walk home since it wasn't far. While we were walking and talking about my bitchy girlfriend, she grabbed my hand and held it. We held hands the rest of the way home. When we got there, we sat on the couch talking a little while longer. I asked her why I couldn't get a girl like her that was understanding. She said, "You can," and laid it on me. She kissed me like a woman possessed. Then we had sex. After a while, we took a dip in our parents' pool naked and laid together in the lounge chair and talked. We went upstairs and had sex a couple more times before we drifted off to sleep. I was awakened the next morning with breakfast in bed from a naked, beautiful woman. Our parents were out of town, so we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, having sex, and talking. That was the end of it, though. We had our wild weekend, and until this day, we have not spoken about it again, but what a memory.

— Gregory, 20

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