Complete Sexual Companions

This all started after September eleventh. An old friend from high school called me up and expressed concern that in my profession I would volunteer to go help out. Well, to make a long story short, we exchanged email addresses and started chatting about our current relationships. One thing led to another, and we started flirting with each other. It got so hot that I told her if she continued to tempt me that I would soon have to take care of her. This led to me going to her house one afternoon and having her push me back into a chair as I watched her remove all her clothes and sit on my lap. I could take no more teasing and we immediately had sex. We were both so hot that after I left, she paid a visit to me at work later on that day. For the next three years, we have met every chance we can to have incredible, wild sex. This beautiful women and I are complete sexual companions. She has made me so completely nuts over her that I will do anything to be with her, in her, and around her.

— Lonnie, 32

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