Dominate Wife

My wife is six foot ten and I am five foot and a hundred twenty pounds. My wife is twenty-nine and very well built. She is the boss. Soon after we were married, she told me I should have been a girl since my male parts were so small. While I was taking a shower after we were first married, I heard my wife talking to her younger sister in the next room about how little I was. She told me to dry off and come out there. I told her not in front of her sister. She screamed at me as she and her sister stormed into the bath room and pulled me into the next room naked. My wife pulled me over her lap and spanked me to tears in front of her sister. My wife then let me up and made go over to her sister so she could examine me. As they laughed at me, my sister-in-law asked my wife if she could spank me too. My wife said yes and my sister-in-law pulled me over her lap and spanked until I was crying again. Since that first time, they have shaved all my body hair off. They make me wear panties and a bra under my clothes and spank me for just about anything, teasing me and telling me I should have been a girl.

— Gregory, 41

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