Lawn Care Lady

I have this rather young lady, Alyssa, who comes by weekly to cut my grass and trim around the area. She has a crew of about three young boys who work for her. She'll operate the large mower and the guys will do the grunt work. Alyssa always wears a tank top and no brassiere. On the day she comes by, I will slip into my thin, very sheer pouch bikini and lounge outside by the pool. She'll then zip by on her mower and, as I hear her coming, I will stand up so she can see me in a total state of excitement. She will sometimes stop and I'll give her a cold drink. I'll look at her breasts and she'll scan down to my legs. That's about as far as it goes. We'll do this every week and it's a huge turn on for both of us. A lot of looking and a lot of smiling and thumbs up. I would ultimately like to remove her tank top and engage in intercourse with her.

— Corbin, 33

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