Pulling Duty

This happened several years ago while I was in the service. My buddy, Hank, was always talking about his girlfriend back home that he intended to marry. I encouraged him to have her out to marry him. When Hank's girlfriend arrived, she was stacked and could get any guy to hit on her, which I did. After several times out with Hank and his lady, I get her phone number at the motel she was staying at. Lucky me, Hank was on Guard duty one day. I arranged for the day off for business in town. I made a date with Hank's girlfriend. We met at her motel. She invited me in as I was early. I put my arm around her and kissed her. She responded with a long kiss back. We started with oral and spent the entire day in bed. A week later, Hank married her. I was best man, and a female Corporal in our unit was a bridesmaid for them. We went out to celebrate and have some drinks. We all ended up at their motel for more drinks. One thing led to another until we were all nude in bed together. The Corporal began working on Hank by giving him oral. I went for Hank's wife. A week later, Hank invited me to visit them in their new apartment. I arrived with a bottle of rum. After a few drinks, things began to get sexy. His wife wanted to have two men at once, so we pleased her. Several weeks later, Hank was sent on temporary duty for two weeks. While he was gone, I entertained his wife by staying with her every night.

— Raul, 27

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