Worth The Wait

When I was in middle school, there was a girl who I couldn't get out of my mind. Now, ten years later, we go to the same college. She was always a sweet girl with the hottest hind I had ever seen. I was kind of the big brother to her, even though she is a year older. When she was in high school, she dated this one jerk who would never pay any attention to her. Eventually, she ditched him but turned to me for emotional support. Three years later, she ended another bad relationship and asked me, "Why can't all guys be like you?" A week later, yesterday, she snuck up to my dorm and knocked on the door. My roomy wasn't home because his uncle died and he was attending the funeral. Long story short, we had the best sex ever. She did everything for me, oral, vaginal and anal. Every time my roommate leaves the dorm for the night, we get together and have hot sex.

— Damon, 22

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