I'll keep this short and simple. My wife is a witch and my mother-in-law is a fantastic person. She is attractive and in very good shape; a Latina at age forty-seven. My wife will not exercise or take care of herself; she argues with the neighbors and flips everybody off in traffic. This crazy witch threw a coffee mug at the ice cream truck. Through extreme conversation, my mother-in-law and I became very interested each other and started to have intercourse on a regular basis. We actually do all the things that couples normally do, like going to movies and go shopping together. When we're in public, we walk around holding hands. Southern California is a huge city mass, so I'm not worried about getting caught. She's a wonderful person and she makes me feel loved. At this point, I have no plans to stop seeing my mother-in-law. I'm sure glad I don't have any children with my wife. All she cares about is coffee and what other people are doing at work. She never cooks; my mother-in-law always serves me a hot plate. She's always moody and complains that I'm gone too much, but when I'm there she ignores me. It was great until we got married. My mother-in-law doesn't even feel bad that she's having sex with her daughter's husband. Yes! We tell each other, "I love you." Every time I make love to her, it's like it's the first time for me. She makes me feel good even though she's my mother-in-law and she's seventeen years older than I am. She doesn't look her age, unlike my wife who thinks she's in such great shape.

— Barry, 26

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