Sister-in-Law, Again

My wife is out of town tonight and my boys are in the desert with my brother-in-law, so I decided I would go hang out with my friend at his house and have a few beers. Well, just after my wife took off, I get a phone call at the house and it's Emily, my nineteen year old sister-in-law who I just recently had sex with for the first time a couple weeks ago. I'm a forty year old man who felt like a teen age boy again, having sex with his girlfriend on a country road. We had so much fun, except we didn't use any protection. So Emily has called and asked what I was doing tonight because she had noticed that her sister was out of town and I was home alone. I told her I was planning on visiting a friend and having some beers. Emily said, "Well, I'm about thirty minutes from town; nobody but my girlfriend knows I'm coming down, so don't say anything." She then told me if I wanted to come pick her up, she'd like that. I told Emily I was getting excited just thinking about it. She said, "Good!" I told her to just come straight over to the house and park in the garage as no one would be home till Sunday morning. I hung up the phone and jumped straight into the shower to shave and cleanup for her. She must have driven really fast because just as I was rinsing off, I heard the garage door closing and Emily coming in the door. I hollered, "I'm in the bathroom Emily!" She came in and we began to have sex. You have no idea what a turn on it is to have a beautiful young woman like Emily so sexually charged and eager to want me. The excitement of how wrong it is, and yet how good the sex has been. Again no protection. Emily said she loves having sex with me.

— Hank, 43

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