Turned the Table

My wife came home and found me dressed in her clothes. I thought she was going to be out of the house longer. She smiled and kissed me, then grabbed the camera. She took several photos of me in various positions showing all my assets in her dress. I thought it was hot foreplay, but then she said she was going to show them to all her friends and embarrass me. She actually had them over for a party and showed them the photos. I was so embarrassed. She asked her friends if they wanted to see it in person. I was forced to get dressed; panties, garter belt, thigh highs, lace bra, and slinking dress. I entered the room and the ladies went nuts! They were all over me, which angered the wife. I could not believe the rush of having five women literally attack me. My wife got tired of watching, and jumped in. Now we all party each weekend. A couple of the ladies are trying to get their husbands to dress up and join us.

— Jim, 45

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