Born Bisexual

I love to do other guys and I have since I was younger. My first relationship was with another boy and it lasted for months. My mother caught us and destroyed our friendship and love by forbidding us to be friends. Our entire school heard about it and we were picked on. I would go on to pleasure many of my friends, but it was all about sex and there was no love. Around this time, I was starting to hook up with women so the problem took care of itself, or so we thought. I was born bisexual. I always liked women, but you don't go through childhood to adulthood having as many guys as me and think you're not in some ways a homosexual. My wife lets me sleep with men. She lets me dress in women's clothing and go to adult bookstores for the purpose of having sex with other men. I'm almost back to the mental place I was when my mother ruined my first relationship with the boy, but it's still just sex. Will I ever be able to love a man the way I can with women?

— Fred, 36

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