Bra Salesman

My aunt owns a lingerie shop in town and she offered me a sales job. She said that women will buy more lingerie when the sales person is a man. They like to talk dirty and flirt with the guy. Also, she said that since I am very handsome, I would make a wonderful sales person and sell a lot of brassieres and panties. After a week on the job, it was obvious that this was my true calling. My aunt told me that I have sold more brassieres, panties, and lingerie than any other sales person ever. I enjoy the job and talking with the women about their breasts. I have, at least once, gone to the bathroom to pleasure myself. I look forward to going to work and the pay is fantastic. I get a piece of the action for what I sell and I sell a ton of bras, panties girdles, and other foundation apparel.

— Garrett, 23

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