Still Diapered

In my previous post, I told how my wife was regressing me from an adult to a pants and bed wetting diaper boy. She loves the control she has on me when she takes me out in public with a diaper sticking up from my jeans. She also knows I cannot hold my pee and will helplessly wet my pants whenever she takes me out places without a diaper on, embarrassing me and giving her a thrill. Once, last week after we went out only wearing training panties (very thick cotton panties), I wet my pants at the mall! She knew this would happen as she made me several cups of coffee that morning and we had been walking around the whole mall! Tsk tsking the whole way, she dragged me the longest way possible out to the car, giving as many people as she could a view of my wet pants. She then surprised me by pulling a diaper bag out of the trunk and changed me into a diaper in the back seat right there in the parking lot! People were walking by staring, pointing, and snickering. When she was done, she made me stand outside the car as she pulled up some white plastic panties over my diapers, making sure anyone around got a good look. She refused to let me wear pants over my diaper; instead she told me since I continued to wet my pants like a little boy, I was going to be dress like one. "Little boys who are still in diapers only wear their diaper and a tee shirt," she exclaimed. Of course, the tee shirt was very short, not even coming to the top of my plastic panties. With that, she made me get out of the car and get in the back seat while she came around and made a big show of buckling me in, giving passerby's even more of a look at my condition. At this point, I was beyond embarrassed, but I also was very excited. While we were driving home, she made some off handed comments about maybe she needed to find an adult male to spend some time with. I was begging her not to, but we both knew this was a fantasy that we had talked about before. On the way home, we stopped at a fast food drive through to order lunch, giving the girls at both the payment and pick-up windows a good look at me sitting there in my diapers. Afterwards, we went to the pharmacy to get a prescription, giving the young pharmacist a long look at me. He seemed to be very excited about me and stared at my diapers the whole time we were there. I think he was jealous, and wished he could be in diapers as well. By now, I had soaked my diaper and when we got home I had to walk around the car to get in the house. It was very obvious that I was wet as the yellowed diaper was fully visible through my clear plastic panties. I think the mailman might have seen me, but by now he knew somebody wore diapers at our house because of all the mail orders we have been getting (my wife bought them from companies who are not very discreet). When we finally got in the house, she rushed me into the bedroom and made me pleasure her, all the while telling me how she was going to get her a real man. We both got excited and she told me how thrilled she was about our new plan. I was put in a dry diaper and panties before we took our nap. I will keep you up on the next experience if you all are interested.

— Sam, 29

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