Tampons and Bra

I like to wear a tampon and bra in public under men's clothing. I actually have large man breasts, so I can fill a 36C bra pretty well. I like to go out usually to the mall or super market wearing a tampon and panties and a bra under my man clothes. Most of the time I'm alone, but I have gone to a restaurant with my wife dressed this way. Either my wife does not know or she realizes I like to dress this way and she accepts it. I have gotten stares from men who realize I'm wearing a bra and I'm sure some women have realized it, but it seems women are much more willing to accept a man wearing a bra than men. I usually try to go to the same woman at the checkout line and she is very friendly and always looks straight at my chest to see if I'm wearing a bra. The other day, I wore a thin white t-shirt that is almost see-through over my bra and she took a really good look at my bra, and then went right on ringing up my order. My heart was pounding the entire time, but it was something I really wanted to do.

— Sam, 64

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