Large Brassiere

I spent the night at my girlfriend's house recently and I had a rather pleasant experience. I was taking a shower and I noticed a brassiere hanging on the towel rack. A rather large brassiere. I picked it up to check it out. It was not my girlfriend's, so it must have belonged to her mother. The cups were enormous and the shoulder straps were probably at least two inches wide. I guess they needed to be that wide to support the weight of whatever size breasts were in them. I held the bra for a few minutes and then decided to pleasure myself. I checked to make sure the door was locked and then proceeded to do my thing. I then placed the bra on my head. It was extremely large and literally covered my entire head. That's when I decided to steal it and take it home with me. That evening, her mother approached me and asked if I had seen her brassiere hanging in the bathroom. I started to say something, but she interrupted me and said that if I want, I can keep the bra as a souvenir. I looked at her, gave her the thumbs up sign, and whispered thanks. I use that bra every day and I enjoy it a lot. I wash it about once every two weeks. Some of the stains do not come out, but that's okay.

— Trent, 28

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