Wild Wife

When I met my wife to be, she seemed pretty wild as well as very good looking. She had been going steady with this older guy and I knew she put out for him. That didn't bother me, but once I drove the hundred plus miles to go and see her where she was going to school. Was I ever surprised when I found out she was shacking up with a married guy there. As it turned out, she was with him during the week and with me on weekends. There were a few weekends she would not come back home. Her girlfriends would let me know that she was a very busy party girl, having sex with him every chance she got. But, I still loved her and when she told me she was pregnant with my child, she seemed to settle down. We got married and her work would take her out of town. After child birth, I always wondered who she may be doing because she wasn't really doing me much. We have been married for years now and it all doesn't really matter anymore. I just know I didn't stray on her, even though I had opportunities and wanted to!

— John, 58

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