Worth The Wait

I have known Meredith since she was twelve or thirteen and have watched her grow into a beautiful and sexy young lady. Meredith would always come over and use our pool. She was always very polite but also very outgoing. She always wore the skimpiest swimsuits one could image. I watched her grow from a little girl into a fully developed woman. It was very hard not to touch and impossible not to look and wonder. On her eighteenth birthday, Meredith came over and asked if she could use our pool before going out with friends that night to celebrate. I told her it was okay since my wife was out of town on business and we would not be using it. Well, she said she would be back as she had to go get her swimsuit. I got busy inside and looked out a little later and saw her in the pool. I thought I would offer her something cold to drink and went outside. She waved hello and got out of the water. My mouth dropped wide open in shock. She was wearing a white two piece that covered very little, plus you could see through the material. She walked up to me, gave me a big hug, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I know you have been looking at me for years. I am now legal." We made love that day for hours. It was surely worth the wait.

— Clark, 41

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