Just Getting Started

My wife found out I had been having an affair with my secretary at our business. Her first reaction was to divorce me, but then she decided on another plan. First, she fired my secretary and hired an older lady to keep track of me, as well as doing her regular duties. Next, she informed me that I would be made to wear diapers 24/7 until she decided that I was mature enough to be "potty trained." She was also going to get herself some fun, playing around on me. The alternative was a very messy and expensive divorce. I agreed to her terms, thinking I would get her to lighten up after a while. I was very wrong! I was soon diapered and found out she had a deal with my new "secretary" that she would be making sure I stayed diapered and not allowed to use the bathroom. That Friday night, I returned home with a very wet diaper to find her getting ready to go out. She was dressed to kill with a very short skirt, see through blouse, spiked heels, and enough makeup to embarrass a hooker. She told me she was going out for some fun with her girlfriend. Her friend was extremely wild and very easy when she was drinking. I was shocked, but knew I had gotten myself into this. She changed my diaper and told me to be a good boy while she was out. Several hours later, she weaved her way into the house. Her makeup was messed and her clothes were in disarray. I felt extremely jealous, but incredibly turned on by the fact that she was out with her friend. Trying to get information, I asked her how he was, and she replied, "Which one?" I was devastated, but more excited than I've ever been thinking about her getting with multiple strange men. As we both lay on the bed, she informed me that this was only the beginning. She hadn't realized how much she liked being wild with strange men, and multiple men at that. The next time, she said, she was going to bring one home with her to share with me. I was at a loss to speak, but my rising excitement gave her the answer. I knew at this point that this adventure was just getting started.

— Rob, 45

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