The More She Gets

I have a very sexy, forty-four-year-old wife that loves younger men. She has had a few. It started when she turned thirty-five. Her boss had an eighteen-year-old son that worked at the store part-time. He started flirting with her, and it turned her on. One day, he and a friend came by our house, and they partied a little. I was not home when they arrived. When I came home, all my wife had on was a see-through night gown. When I walked into the living room, she was sitting on the floor facing the both of them with her breasts showing over the top of her gown. She stood up, covered herself, walked over to me, led me into the kitchen, and asked if I would leave for a couple of hours. When I came back, her boss's son was asleep in the basement. I went up to our bedroom to see her having sex with his friend. I had never heard her moan like she was then. When they finished, she got up, kissed me, and asked if he could stay with her and if I would sleep on the couch. That night, I heard more noises from her than I thought possible. The next morning, I went up to check on her. They were asleep with her hand holding him. Later, he came downstairs. I went up to check on her. She was laying in the middle of the bed with her eyes closed. I stood staring at her. She looked beautiful and so satisfied. She wasn't able to have sex with me for four days, she was so sore. But when we did, she was fantastic. She to date has now had about twenty men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five all in our bed. I believe there have been a few she has never told me about that she met at their places. I don't care how many she does. The more she gets, the more she gives me.

— Jose, 45

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