My wife came home unexpectedly early and caught me surfing adult baby websites. I was sitting in a pair of her jeans with a very large wet spot in my lap from wetting my pants. She made me go to the bathroom and strip. She soon found that I was wearing several pairs of her panties, which were now wet and yellowed. She immediately started yelling and dragged me to the bed where she pulled me over her knee and started spanking me as hard as she could through my soaked panties. Afterwards, she told me that since I liked wearing and wetting her panties that I would no longer wear men's underpants. I was also going to be wearing diapers not if, but when, I wet my panties. I was told to put her wet jeans back on and stand in the corner. "I'm going to the store, don't you move until I get back." When she returned, I had completely soaked her jeans as I needed to go and couldn't hold it any longer. "What a big sissy baby!" She made me strip and lay on the bed where she quickly diapered me, and then pulled on a pair of big baby diaper panties over them. Now, all I wear are women's panties and diapers when she catches me wetting my pants. I am also diapered every night. My wife has really gotten off on making me wet my pants and then diapering me. I have started to need diapers more and have gotten a huge rush the other day when I was standing in line at the grocery store letting go in my diaper as I talked to the cashier! I only wish I had gotten caught sooner!

— Oliver, 29

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