Open Marriage

My wife and I decided to open our marriage after our youngest child left home three years ago. My wife is forty-nine and we have been married twenty-seven years. My wife inherited some money when her mom passed and she used it to get a tummy tuck, boob lift, and augmentation. My wife is beautiful to start with and now her body is simply amazing. She has no problem getting dates with men in their thirties. Last week, she brought home a young black man, probably mid-twenties, and they went straight to her bedroom. An hour later, she came downstairs and ask me for a favor. She said her boyfriend wanted oral and she can't stand giving it. I said no way. To make a long story short, she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I couldn't believe what a turn on it was. All three of us were turned on, my wife especially was going crazy with lust. That was the best sex of my life.

— Chris, 56

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