Panties, Silk, Lace, and Nylons

I have been married for over forty years and love my wife very much. We live in a retirement community. I have never cheated on my wife, however we have not had sex in seven years. Ever since I was very young and before I started school, I had a love for silks, satins, and lingerie. I would often pleasure myself using nylons panties, some times as much as four times a day. After getting married, I would sometimes make love to my wife wearing panties. She really did not approve, but when wearing a thong, she would pull it up between my cheeks and I loved it. I always made sure she was satisfied before myself. When she is gone, I will wear nylons, panties, and a slip to satisfy myself. In our community we have a LGBT group. I would love to meet a guy to satisfy my needs when I am dressed up. I need someone to help me with my needs.

— Dan, 67

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