Night Swimming

When I go swimming, I like to do it in the nude. One night, I went down to my community pool. I did what I always do, took my shorts off and hopped in. This time was different. A woman came to the pool. The lady was in her mid-forties. Her boyfriend at the time didn't seem too interested in swimming. So, he left. I was doing laps when she noticed that she wasn't the only one there. She had come in regular clothes. So, she stripped down to her panties. She came in and came close to me. She noticed I was naked. I had an erection and it was plain to see. We talked, and it became very sexual in nature quickly. She started making out with me. I pulled her panties down to feel up on her. She was so horny and so was I. We got our stuff together and went to my apartment. There we made out and kissed passionately. We had oral sex, and it was amazing. We had sex for the next six hours. We sometimes do on occasion meet up for skinny dipping at night, but nothing like that first night.

— Andy, 30

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