Panty Gift

I went to a woman's wear shop to buy several pairs of panties for my girlfriend. The sales lady showed me several styles and I decided on one which I really liked. They're nylon with a three inch side. Perfect and very sexy. The sales lady who was about in her mid-forties, asked me if I had ever worn a pair of ladies panties before? I said no and she asked if I'd like to try on a pair? I said I would, and she gave me a pair. I then slipped into the fitting area and tried on the panties. Wow, they felt great. I immediately started to get excited and it was the most fantastic feeling ever. I left the fitting room and went outside to show the saleslady. She immediately noticed my excitement and smiled from ear to ear. I put on my clothes and went to the checkout counter. I told her to give me a few more pair for myself. I then gave her the jockey briefs I was wearing and she thanked me with a big smile and a piece of paper with her phone number on it. This was the beginning of a sexual relationship that lasted a long time.

— Ian, 24

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