Wife's Boyfriend

My thirty-six-year-old wife has been having a torrid sexual affair with her married, fifty-eight-year-old black boss for the past year. He is a large man, six foot eight or so, 260 pounds or so, and he just uses my wife for his pleasure. She lets him have his way with her whenever, wherever, and however he wants. My wife worships this man and would leave me and marry him in a heartbeat, but he told her he would never leave his wife (his wife is very wealthy and extremely beautiful). She told me she regrets getting a hysterectomy after our second child because she would love to have his babies. I love seeing the two of them together, they look so happy. Last weekend, we sent the kids to their grandparents and he came and spent the weekend at our house. I was in heaven watching them make out on the couch, cooking for them, making them drinks and listening to them make love. I wanted to watch them in action, but they wouldn't let me in, so I stood outside the bedroom and listened. It was such a turn on hearing their talk, and the part I enjoyed best was my wife telling him over and over again how much she loves him! I'm not sure how this will end up, but I am enjoying this for now!

— Ed, 34

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