My First Pantyhose

I recently had an operation on both knees and the surgeon suggested I wear support stockings for about a month. One of the nurses suggested I try support pantyhose instead because they are cheaper. I did and that was the best advice ever. As soon as I slipped into them, I could feel something going on downstairs. I started to experience a rather enjoyable feeling from my waist down to my toes; so much so, that I thought about relieving myself. When I visited the doctor, I told the nurse about my experience. She then asked me if I followed through and pleasured myself. I was ashamed to tell her I did, several times, but she touched me on the shoulder and said, "It will only get better." She said than many men who wear nylons feel that way, and that's why so many guys wear stockings and pantyhose. Hey, count me in as one of those guys. I'm hooked.

— Arthur, 28

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