Buying High Heels

There's something about a woman wearing high heels. She must have shapely legs to start. In addition, a short skirt and stockings are also included in the mix. I decided to get myself an ensemble to wear when I am pleasuring myself. I bought a skirt and stockings; I just need some heels. I went to a discount shoe store and confronted a sales lady. I told her I wanted to buy a pair of high heels. She asked me what size the lady was, and I told her the heels are for me. She smiled and asked what size I wear. I told her a ten and she said I'd probably wear a lady's size twelve. She handed me a pair of black pumps with three inch heels. I slipped them on and they fit like a glove. I went to the checkout and paid for the shoes. I then told the lady, a somewhat attractive woman in the fifties with a rather impressive rack, that I am now going to go home and wear the shoes. She smiled and told me to, "Go for it big boy."

— Jonathan, 26

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