She Knew

I have always enjoyed crossdressing, but my wife has no idea. Or at least, I didn't think so until one day she suggested I would look cute in a dress. I asked what she meant and she said I had sexy legs and with stockings and heels, my legs and rear would be quite sexy. She suggested I get dressed right away. I rushed to the bedroom and quickly stripped and slipped on some panties, pantyhose, heels, bra, and a short little dress. She watched and said, "I was going to help you, buy you seem to know your way around women's clothes." I realized she knew it was not my first time crossdressing and started to explain. She stopped me and said she had known for years, but wanted to see it in person. She said I looked cuter than expected. She hugged me and asked me to dress for her often. I was happy to agree.

— Christian, 32

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