Well, it happened three years ago. My wife and I owned a well-known restaurant in a small Florida town. We seemed to work there all the time, and we were good together. A family get together at our home was a usual, monthly thing with us. Well, this time we invited employees to our party, one of which had quit two days earlier for another carrier. She was eighteen, beautiful, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was very beautiful. I had heard from other employees that she had always been attracted to older men. I thought to myself, "Right. I should be so lucky." Long story short, I was getting some mixers out of the cooler when she came up from behind me and grabbed me between my legs. I was shocked and then aroused when I found that no one else was in the room. I asked her if she knew how old I was, and she said yes, forty-seven. A few days passed, and she came in to get her final check. I approached her about what she had done. She laughed and told me that she was very sexually attracted to me. We made plans to meet at her apartment the next morning. She met me at the door wearing a sexy, white, see-through robe opened and white lace panties. She kissed me very deeply and then, for the next two hours, let me have her over and over again. This went on day and night for six months. To this day, we are still really good friends. Even though she lives one hour away, she still keeps asking for me to come visit her. I'm tempted, but still staying away.

— Jackson, 49

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