Whipped into Shape

My father died when I was quite young and my mother, who was a very strong woman, dominated me. Having been a bed wetter, she would diaper me before bed every night as long as I lived there. When I was getting married, she told my new wife how I was a bed wetter and needed a strong woman to take care of me. My new wife took this to heart and on our wedding night, pulled down my pants and proceeded to paddle my poor bottom until it was bright red. I was then told to give her oral sex. When I was finished, she told me that my mother told her all about my bed wetting and how I was going to continue to wear diapers at night from now on. I was also not allowed to wear men's underwear, only girdles and panties of her choosing. I was soon wearing very lacy panties and girdles all the time, and my paddling and diapering continued. This was twenty-five years ago and we are still married, and I am still wearing panties and diapers.

— Oliver, 46

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