The Best Pick Up Line

When I was in college, my friend and I threw lots of parties. There was this smart-ass frat boy and his friends that invited themselves, but we always let them in because they always had hot girls with them. The leader was always giving me a hard time, I guess because I got good grades even though I partied nearly every night, and he was barely scraping by. Anyway, at one of these parties, he and all of his friends were sitting and hanging out around these two couches that were in an 'L' shape. I walked by, and out of the blue, he shouted out, "Hey, Chris, you're a pussy!" Nearly everyone in the room stopped talking because they thought there would be a big fight. I stopped for a second, looked him straight in the eye, and said, "Tim, for once in your life you may be right!" Then I paused and continued, "After all, they say you are what you eat." Then everyone in the place broke out in hysterical laughter. The next day, his girlfriend stopped me as I was going to class and asked me if I meant what I had said last night. I said of course. Three days later, she stopped me again and asked if she could come up to my room in an off campus house. We barely got into the room and she was stripping down. I gave her oral pleasure. After a long time, she ripped my clothes off and we had regular sex. We did this about every other week until the summer. I also ended up doing nearly every girl sitting on one of those couches that night, as well as a couple of other girls in the room. That was truly the best pickup line I ever used, even though I only got to use it once.

— Christopher, 27

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