Underwire Bra

My mother-in-law wears underwire brassieres and it seems like she is always adjusting her bra because she says it pinches her. I asked her if she wears an underwire bra and she said yes. I suggested that we remove the wire to see if that solves the problem. She took off her bra and handed it to me. I was able to remove the wires from the base of each cup. She stood there topless while I performed my magic, as she says. I helped her put on her bra and she noticed the difference right away. She said it was much more comfortable than before and asked me if I would do the same for all her other brassieres. I told her I would, but she would have to be wearing them and then remove the bra and hand it to me. She laughed and said, "It's a deal."

— Andrew, 22

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