Keeping Wife Company

When we were in our thirties, I traveled a lot for work. A buddy of mine called my cell asking if I wanted to meet him for a beer after work. I told him I was out of the country, but knowing he was attracted to my wife, I told him he should invite her. After some silence, he asked if I was sure. I told him she could use the time out. He said he would. She called fifteen minutes later and told me about his invitation. I told her she should go and have a good time. She went and the only thing she told me was they had a good time. When I asked him if he enjoyed himself with my wife, he smiled and said, "Several times." When I told him I would be traveling a lot and she could use some company while I was away, he said he would be honored to "take care of her" while I was gone. I was out of the country for half my time for about eight months and their "going out" turned to "staying in" at our house. They even met for "lunch" many times when I was in town.

— Jon, 51

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