Wife Dates Others Now

About eight years ago, I set up a threesome for my wife. The other guy was our age and single. It wasn't long before she was having sex, and then one day, I got an email from her saying Dave wanted to know if we were good for my wife to make a solo visit to help him decorate his new apartment. She mentioned she wouldn't do anything without me being there, but later in the night she called me and said Dave had offered to do some finish work in our basement if he could take it out in trade by having my wife spend that night with him. They'd both come over the next morning and he'd help me with the basement. I was turned on by it and she agreed to it. Nothing happened after that until three weeks later when we decided to redo our kitchen. This meant moving walls, pipes, and a weight bearing wall, along with a thermostat and duct work. This would be a project taking at least a month's worth of weekends. We all agreed that my wife would go to his house every Friday during construction and basically be on loan to him until he brought her home on Sunday's to finish his work for the weekend. This lasted almost seven weeks so my wife slept with him every Friday and Saturday which ended up being her having sex and sleeping with him about fourteen times. She is hinting about becoming a hot wife but is only interested in having an intimate relationship with him. In her words, "I only want to date him and nobody else because I can at least trust that he is STD free, so we don't need condoms."

— Roy, 53

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