First Time

When I was younger, it happened on a summer evening. I was walking in the local woods on my own when I met Brenda from school. We started talking and walking together; I knew her from sight, but had never spoken to her. Being a hot evening, she was wearing a loose summer dress. I put my arm around her and cuddled up. After a while, I gave her a kiss. I then asked her if she would like to see my secret place. She said yes, so l showed her a place nobody knew about. I said, "Sit down, Brenda." We sat down and began kissing. We ended up making love right there. By God, it was wonderful. It was my first time and it was the best thing to happen to me. We both enjoyed it so much, we met nearly every evening and had sex all we could. It was a wonderful summer, but looking back, how lucky we were that she never got pregnant. We both, in later life, married and each had children. Fate was smiling on us that summer.

— Jeremy, 82

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