No Panty Lines

My mother-in-law bought this new dress. It's a knitted gray one piece that goes from her neckline to about eight inches above her knees. She looks so sexy in it. I did notice that I could see the outline of her brassiere; the shoulder straps, side panels, back, and the cups in front. One thing I did not notice were panty lines. With a dress this skin tight and so revealing, I'd think I'd be able to see some panty lines, but nothing. She sat down and since this dress is so short, it has a tendency to ride up a bit. When she sat down, I noticed that she was not wearing anything underneath. I could see everything and I noticed she was clean shaven. I sat next to her and put my hand on her leg. She smiled, so I continued. She didn't say a thing. I continued until I could go no further. Thanks mom-in-law, and you look awesome in that dress.

— Martin, 28

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