Stockings Adventure

I like to wear stockings while I'm home, but I have never worn them out. That is, until the other day. I went food shopping and I decided to slip on a pair of suntan thigh highs. I like how they look and the feel is fantastic. I'm walking through the store feeling a bit self-conscious when a rather attractive middle aged woman approaches me and points to my legs. She smiles and asked if I was wearing hose? I said yes and she then said I look very sexy. That's when I told her I am a wearing nylons and this is the first time I have worn them out of my house. We talked some more and that's when she asked me to stop over at her house for some coffee. I went to her house and from there we had some really wild sex for several hours. It was fabulous. She was terrific and had a beautiful body.

— Sam, 24

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