Three Inch Heels

About three years ago, I started to wear three-inch-high heels. The person who introduced me to heels was non-other than my wife's mother. She wears heels and nylons all the time. I once commented on how good she looked and how shapely her legs were. She removed her shoes and told me to try them on. They were a bit tight, but they fit just the same. I immediately felt something taking place that was good. I was starting to get into a heightened state of excitement. I told her what I felt and she told me the go with it. We went to a woman's wear shop and she helped me pick out several pair of high heels. From that day on, I was hooked. I wear high heels around the house, when my wife and I are having sex, or just when I am lounging around pleasuring myself. My wife supports my fetish and she even encourages me to buy new styles. She says that me wearing heels is a turn-on for her; she finds it extremely sensual. I tend to stick with three inch heels since I am better able to negotiate walking in them. Sometimes, especially during intercourse with either my wife or her mother, I will don a pair of nylons and a garter belt. I have not yet gone total transvestite, but I have seriously entertained the idea. In fact, my wife and her mother have wanted me to dress up and the three of us go out on the town. I am almost there.

— Karl, 26

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