My brother's wife was someone who was very kind, very helpful, and sometimes a little too close. She always invited people over and I thought it always weird she was inviting my brother's friends and no girls to her husband's birthday parties, kid's birthdays, her birthday, and even her in-laws. I appreciated the invite and somehow I knew about them all the time because we have a big family and we're all close, so I came over with my brother and their kids. We are there and having a good time when I notice she was talking to the other guys and just making really good eye contact. Then, she starts with crisscrossing her legs back and forth in short shorts, and he is wearing a tight t-shirt. He is arm gesturing and having incidental contact of their arms. I'm thinking its okay, just regular in-law touching. I'm looking for her husband, who was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was busy with gifts or something. Meanwhile, I am under a tent/cover from the sun and all of a sudden, I see their feet touching each other once in a while, plus getting their phones out; getting each other's numbers for further conversation in the future. No big deal, but they don't stop and soon here comes her husband out of the house with food and presents. They both help with the presents and food. Then, I notice she is on her phone again texting so I look over at him and he is with his phone too; they're glancing at each other so often and she's helping with the birthday stuff. About thirty to forty-five minutes go by and they're glancing at each other still. I'm assuming they're both texting each other, maybe something is wrong, she needs more help or something; but nope, she bends over at him and he just stares at her. I'm like, "Oh man." There isn't anything wrong, she is just flirting with him and giving a show for now. A couple of hours go by, people are cleaning up, and she does clean up for a good thirty minutes as well. Then, she just disappears and he is not in sight. Me, being curious, went to go look to go see if their cars are there, and nope they're gone. So, I'm waiting looking like I'm doing something and her husband is wondering where she is and if anybody has seen her. It was about an hour maybe at the most, and no sign of her. Her husband is texting her asking where she is and she said she went to go get some ice or something. He comes back first and makes sure stuff is in his car that he brought and so forth, then she comes rolling in. Later on that day, her husband doesn't see anything wrong and leaves to go help someone. He stays to help her with the kids. Later on, at night he helps with the kids and they're both on their phones. I'm here too in case he had to leave. I'm just sitting; when they are not in sight, I go upstairs and snoop. They're both hugging and touching each other and putting her kids to bed when I catch something unusual, she is wearing a tank top with no bra and they're hugging. I am looking in just enough to see what was going on and I'm scared. For an eighteen-year-old, I am afraid I will get caught. I walked back downstairs and pretended nothing happened, but they're up there for a good hour or two. I don't know if I should I be concerned enough to tell my brother, or wait to see more evidence.

— Tim, 18

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