German Spa

I was in the Air Force in Germany when we would go health spa down the street from our place. Hot tubs and swimming nude; lots of fun. We decided to get his and her messages. It was very cool. A tall slim German man did my wife and a very good-looking woman did me at the same time. When he got done, my wife was very worked up. We went home and very hot sex. The next day was my day off; my wife was at work and the kids at school. I went to spa for the day. While I was in the tub, this massage guy came and got in the tub. He was quite well endowed. We talked and I found out his name was Frank and the woman was his wife. He also said he noticed my wife was really hot when he got done. I told him his massage of my wife really turned me on. He said to get another appointment for just before closing and maybe we all could hook up. I told him I didn't know if she would. We have never done that. He just smiled and said, "We will just see how it goes." Well I talked to her and got a weak no and a maybe. We went to the spa on Friday night. I saw Frank and told him maybe he should just look at me for the okay. We went in and got on the tables. Frank came in with his wife, a bottle of wine, and four glasses. He told my wife that was the way they like to end a night's work. We all got glasses of wine. Frank went to work and so did his wife. I did notice that when moved to her legs he paid close attention to her thigh. His wife was doing a very good job on me at the same time, which made it very hard to watch my wife. After about fifteen minutes, he put my wife on her back and went work on her shoulders and round her chest. He was very skillful. In a very short time, he was providing her pleasure. In just a few minutes he called his wife over and she went to work on her as well. My wife looked at me with glazed eyes and nodded yes. I gave Frank the okay look. Then something happen I thought I would never see. His wife pleasured my wife and she responded. In the next six years, we became close friends and are still friends to this day. They are the only couple that we see for sex and friendship. They come to us and we go to them two times a year.

— Henry, 67

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