Loose Gym Shorts

On Friday, I was asked to install a new kitchen faucet for mother-in-law. I wore some loose nylon gym shorts with no underwear with the hopes of "accidentally" exposing myself to her. When I got there, she was still in her nightgown and housecoat and had moved everything from under the sink. I got under the sink to start and was able to lay in such a way that my shorts fell just right, making me partially visible. Continuing to move around, I asked if she could help from the top side. I had grown some from the excitement and now more was visible. I saw her reflection in the refrigerator as she looked at me and smiled. When I had finished, I said my back was hurting and went to the basement to lay flat on the floor and put my feet up. She came down to check on me, but I pretended to be sleeping. Again, I had the shorts pulled aside as she took a few steps closer, looked, and smiled. I had my eyes particularly closed to see her. She went back upstairs. I sent her a text asking if she could walk in my back and while waiting for her reply I started to pleasure myself. I laid on the floor and as she walked on me, and I got even more turned on. She finished and asked if I would like a massage on my right shoulder and back. Of course, I accepted! With my back turned slightly ho her and facing to my left, she started the massage. I got more and more excited as she did this. I know she could see me over my shoulder. After a few minutes, she finished and got up to go back upstairs and, as she did, I stood up also. I was obviously excited and, as she looked at me, I started pleasuring again. She didn't say anything, but looked wide eyed and headed up the steps. I couldn't believe what I had just done front of her. I hope I can do it again soon and maybe get a little help from her.

— Todd, 36

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