Exposure for Wife

My wife is thick and chubby with great hair and not many wrinkles. We are going to the beach soon and I hope "popping out" is there (see the letter of a man exposing himself to older women at the beach). That is what I want. I am also getting her a massage from a man this year; it may not get as sexual as I would like, but maybe it will. At least, I will get to see a man rubbing her body. I have also already gotten her some sheer dresses to cling to her on the boardwalk and some really short shorts to wear over her swimsuit. I used to catch men ogling and following her all the time back in the day. I wonder if anyone will look this year. I hope they look and flash her. Let your stuff hang out at the beach men, I'll have her looking out for you.

— Alan, 66

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