She Wanted to Experiment

My wife came home from a party with her girlfriends and said they were talking about kinky sex. I was taken aback at the idea of my wife participating in the discussion, as she is not very adventurous in the bedroom. She said several of her friends played role reversal games and asked if I was interested. I said I would think about it. The next day, I got home from work early, shaved my legs and got fully dressed, right down to stockings and high heels. I even found an old wig and applied lipstick and eyeshadow, as well as perfume. I was really excited as she came in the flat and saw me crossdressed in the kitchen. She smiled a wicked smile and ran to the bedroom. In a few minutes, she came out dressed in one of my business suits. She came up behind me as I was cooking. She said I looked lovely. I turned around and gave her a big kiss; we almost ran to the bedroom. It was the greatest sex we ever had! She had me wear one of her nighties that night. This is now a regular occurrence for us. She just bought me some sexy, slutty outfits for the next time. I can hardly wait!

— Paul, 38

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