Peek A Boo

I sort of like to expose myself to my mother-in-law, and I know she enjoys it a lot. She was spending a few days with us, giving me an opportunity to strut my stuff, or should I say, strut my junk. The other morning, she got up real early to make coffee. I then decided to do my thing. I put on my short nylon robe and went to the kitchen. When I say short robe, I mean very, very short. If I lift up my arm to scratch my head, the hem of the robe raises to expose me. I greeted her in the kitchen and she immediately noticed my rather brief robe. She commented on how she liked it. I then raised my arms over my head and shouted, "Peek-A-Boo, how do you like me now?" She started to laugh as I opened the robe and stood there in all my heightened glory. She applauded as I then took off the robe and proceeded to pleasure myself right there in front of her. I really enjoy pleasuring myself when she is watching, and she gets a huge kick out of these antics.

— Jordan, 24

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