Pedicure Surprise

I went to this salon recently for a pedicure. A friend told me about one of the Asian ladies who works there and how really hot she is, so I went to find out for myself. I prepared in advance by wearing a pair of loose fitting, unlined, nylon gym shorts. I did not wear anything underneath. Before I sat down, I pulled up the shorts and made sure everything was positioned to one side. As I sat down, I sort of pulled the one leg up slightly so as to reveal a small bit. She sat on her bench and I put my foot up on a stool, which caused things to become more visible. When she looked up her eyes fixated on me. I could see she was staring. The fact that she was looking got me even more worked up. When she finished, she just sat there and stared directly at me. It was fantastic and she said, with a huge smile, to come back real soon. I immediately went home and pleasured myself.

— Graham, 28

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