Work Frolics

I am a Pharmacist, and have this really hot tech that works with me. She is about twenty-seven and married. One slow Sunday, we started joking about the Viagra and sex. The joking turned to more serious talk. As the day ended, the tension was high. We locked the door and the pharmacy gate. After the till was counted down, I reached out for her. She did not fight it at all, but rather melted into the tight hug. Before long, we were kissing and touching. It was not long before we were in the drug storage room on the floor. This soon became a Sunday event for the two of us. Last month, she came to me with some news. She is pregnant. Her husband thinks it's his, but she is telling me it's mine. I found this very sexually arousing and told her so. She told me to go ahead and not stop. Sunday is still our day together, and I still look for Sunday close down time. I am single, and right now this is the only action I see. Thank goodness for weekends.

— Ricky, 29

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