What A Night!

While traveling on a business trip, it was customary to have our suppliers take us to dinner and usually entertain us with drinks in a bar with entertainment. The supplier often encouraged any girls we seemed interested in, and they would also offer them some drinks. A mother and her daughter-in-law sat close to us, and I couldn't really decide which looked better. The mother was much closer to my age. We eventually hooked up, did some dancing, and finally got pretty comfortable with each other. I told her where I was staying and suggested that we have a few more drinks and maybe continue getting to know each other at my motel room. She seemed very interested but needed to make a stop at home before we met. As mother and daughter-in-law left, I thought that I was headed for a great evening with a beautiful woman. About half an hour later, she knocked on my door, and the mother entered. She brought some drinks and apologized for being late but said her daughter-in-law didn't really want to go home. She said she gave the address to her in case anything went wrong. I thought nothing more of it until we heard a car and a knock on the door. The younger girl walked in and proclaimed in interest in a threesome. The mother looked shocked, and I thought that would be the end of it. But to my surprise, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Whatever." After a few more drinks, mother kissed me, and I kissed mother. Daughter-in-law slid right in and gave me a very passionate kiss, and the threesome started. Both were very passionate and very sexy. But it didn't stop with just me. They seemed to get equal joy from each other. What a night!

— Tomas, 55

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