Wrestling Moves

I started wearing my sister's underwear when I was around ten or eleven. It always felt so comfortable to wear panties and a bra as it still does. When I was nineteen or so, my neighbor and I became obsessed with talk of oral sex. One rainy summer day, my neighbor and I were wrestling. Somewhere along the line, we decided that the first one to get pinned would have to give the winner oral. I remember getting excited just thinking about it. Unfortunately, my friend couldn't wrestle worth a darn. So, there I stood with my pants around my ankles and my friend doing me. I was jealous. I wanted to be the one doing him! After he finished, I suggested we try a rematch. He was reluctant at first. I don't think he liked it. Finally, he agreed to the rematch. He pinned me quickly. Of course, I threw the match, and did him. It was a wonderful experience. I detected my friend was becoming uneasy with my enthusiasm. As soon as he was done, he pushed me away, pulled up his pants, and damn near ran out of the room.

— Guy, 45

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